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How to Draw Grinch

how to draw grinch

In this drawing lesson we will show you how to draw Grinch step by step. Grinch is a green and furry creature that lives on the mountain in the company of his only friend – the dog Max. And as we all know, the Grinch, this is the guy who tried to steal Christmas. And today we will show you how to draw draw him.


Step 1

First we outline head, which as you see is similar to a pear. Using a simple line draw the neck. Then we draw the torso, that is also similar to a pear.

how to draw grinch

Step 2

Sketch out two lines on the face, the vertical for facial symmetry and horizontal for eyes. Sketch out the fur on the neck. Draw the limbs using cylinders and circles as in our example.

how to draw grinch step by step

Step 3

Here we work with the face of Grinch. First draw the tuft at the top of the head. Then draw the eyes and brows using the horizontal line from the previous step. At the very bottom of the face the long and curving mouth.

learn how to draw grinch

Step 4

Here we finish drawing the face of Grinch. Erase the guides. Draw out the lines of the eyes, brows and head in general. Draw the pupils inside the eyes. Add some wrinkles in the area of the eyes.

how to draw grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Step 5

Now erase all guidelines from the body. Draw out the body, using furry lines. Also give a finished look to the fur on the neck. Draw out the hands and feet.

how to draw grinch

Drawing tutorial on how to draw Grinch step by step came to an end. Write your opinion about this lesson in the comments. If you enjoyed this tutorial, we are sure you will like our other drawing lessons. Support our site – share this drawing lesson and subscribe to us on the social networks.


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