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How to Draw Toad from Marvel

How to draw Toad from Marvel

Hello dear artists and comic book lovers. Today we want to show you how to draw how to draw Toad – perhaps one of the strongest super villains from the Marvel Universe.


Step 1

The toad has not the most athletic physique – he is a little fat and his head is pulled into the neck. We must display this in the first step of our drawing. So, first of all sketch out an oval head and a spine, on which we sketch out the thorax and the pelvis. At the end of the step sketch out slightly bent arms and legs using simple lines.

How to draw Toad

Step 2

Now let’s add some volume to the body of our supervillain. But first of all we draw the lines of symmetry of the face, which will help us draw the details of the face. Next, we sketch a rounded torso and a pelvis. Next, with the help of circles draw the shoulders and knees, and with the help of simple geometric figures sketch out the arms and legs. At the end of the step sketch out the hands and feet.

How to draw Toad from x men

Step 3

Let’s work with the basic details of our Toad. First, sketch out the disheveled hair. Next draw the nose and mouth. On the shoulders sketch out a dentate element of clothing characteristic of the Middle Ages. Next we outline the belt and shoes, as shown in our example.

3 How to draw Toad  from Marvel

Step 4

Beginning with this step we will work with the final details of the Toad drawing. First, draw out the hair of our supervillain. Next, draw a little crazy eyes and eyebrows above the eyes. Next sketch out the nose and mouth with compressed teeth. At the end of the step draw the outlines of the face and add wrinkles.

How to draw Toad from marvel comics

Step 5

Now let’s move a little lower and take care of the details of the body of our Toad. Carefully draw out the details of clothing, add some folds and make the lines clear and dark. Erase all unnecessary guidelines from the torso.

How to draw Toad from comics

Step 6

Now let’s move to the arms. Crarefully draw out the arms with a lot of folds in the area of the armpits and elbows. Next draw the hands (in order to learn more about this visit our lesson on how to draw hands). As well as in the last step erase unnecessary lines from the arms.

How to draw Toad from Marvel comics

Step 7

Now let’s work with the lower part of the body of our villain. Just like in the previous step draw the outlines of the legs, taking into account all the muscles, knees and joints. Next draw out the shoes and erase all unnecessary additional lines from the legs.

Toad from marvel drawing

Step 8

Now the traditional last step of almost all our drawing lessons, where we always add shadows. Since this is a comic book character, the shadows should also be in the comic style – black and contrast. The dark shadows we in this way – first we draw the outlines of the shadows and then paint out the shadows. The light shadows we draw using hatching.

How to draw Toad from Marvel


In this drawing lesson we showed you how to draw Toad from Marvel Comics. Be sure to visit our category “Comics” where you will find a lot of very cool drawing lessons.

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