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How to Draw Skis

skis drawing

Hello everyone and welcome to DrawingForAll. We are glad to present you a very simple drawing tutorial on how to draw skis step by step. As you can see it will be really easy.

Step 1

At first draw a long and slightly curved line as in our example.

how to draw skis

Step 2

Then draw another one line next to the previous one and connect them as in the example below.

how to draw a ski

Step 3

One ski is ready. Next to it draw another one using the same principles as in the first and second step.

how to draw skis step by step

Step 4

It is very simple step of the lesson about how to draw skis. Draw mounts for boots as in our example.

how to draw skis easy

Step 5

And the last step. Just erase all unnecessary guidelines and add some details to the mounts.

skis drawing

So, the tutorial is over. Do you think we make great tutorials? We hope that you think so, because we are working hard with every drawing. Or maybe you think that our drawing tutorials are horrible. Anyway we need your comments do write it below the article or on our pages in social media.


  1. you know where the thing that people put their feet you guys didn’t show how to draw that thing.

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