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How to Draw Superman’s Face

How to draw Superman face

In this drawing lesson the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw Superman’s Face very easy and fast. We depict portraits very rarely in reality. When it comes to instructions about drawing characters from comic books, we always present it as a drawing in full growth. But today we decided to experiment a bit. We hope you enjoy this idea.


Step 1

First, we depict the contours of the face and neck. The contours of the face are similar to the contour of a vertical oval with a very flat upper part. After that, we outline the contours of the neck. In our case, we draw a physically developed person with a powerful muscular neck. Therefore, the contours of the neck should coincide with the contours of the head in width.

How to draw a superhero


Step 2

It will be a very simple but very important step. Here we will depict two intersecting lines that will serve as a very important guideline for all other steps. The vertical line should be exactly in the middle. This guideline should divide the face into two equal parts.

After that we will depict a horizontal crease of the eyes. This line should be located slightly above the conditional midpoint of the head.

How to draw a superhero head


Step 3

In this stage, the outline of the main features will be drawn. First, we depict the circuits of the eyes. The main guideline in this action is the horizontal line from the previous step. After that we will depict the ears. Please note that the top edge of the ears coincides with the eyebrows. The lower edge of the ears is projected on the middle of the distance between the mouth and the nose.

How to draw Clark Kent


Step 4

We continue the instruction on how to draw Superman’s Face. Let’s make our hero more impressive and brutal. We draw him a large superhero mandible. To do this, you should depict two obtuse angles that connect the ear and chin to the lateral sides. Also in this step we will depict the contours of the relief of the ears of the man of steal.

How to draw Superman


Step 5

We have all the outlines of facial features. Now we can depict the facial features in the final details. In this step, we will depict the pupils and eyebrows. Pay special attention to the pupils. The look of our hero and the whole mood of the picture is very much dependent on the localization of the pupils.

How to draw Superman head


Step 6

Let’s draw the nasal wings and the outlines of tightly compressed lips. Do not depict too plump lips. In this case, your man of steal drawing will become more feminine. Do not forget to draw thin nasolabial folds.

How to draw Superman


Step 7

Let’s erase all the extra lines from Superman’s face. After that you should depict a hairstyle. You can depict hairs that are arranged differently. However, do not forget that the hairline should be depicted in the direction from the roots to the tips.

Superman face drawing tutorial


Step 8

To make Superman’s face more alive and realistic, we need to work with shadows. Shadows should be applied along the hairline. It is necessary to leave glares on large strands of hair. As you can see, not a single strand of hair is completely shaded. Shadows are located on the left side of Clark’s face and neck. Do not forget to leave an empty spot between the shadow area and the face contour. Otherwise it will look like a beard.

How to draw Superman face

As we already wrote, we just started practicing the lessons of drawing portraits. If you like it or have suggestions, comments or criticism, we are waiting for your opinion in our comment block or in our social networks.

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