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How to Draw Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegel drawing

Today we will please fans of the anime world. We have prepared drawing tutorial in which we will talk about how to draw Spike Spiegel step by step. If you are on this page, you probably know that Spike Spiegel is the main character of the cult anime about the Bebop spaceship.


Step 1

We have a drawing lesson about anime character. But the special signs of anime style will be visible only after the first three steps. And now we have an ordinary stickman of high thin young man. Pay attention to the narrow chest, narrow pelvis, noticeable neck and long limbs.

How to draw Spike Spiegel

Step 2

Now we will draw a silhouette of Spike Spiegel. The thinness of Spike Spiegel should become more visible. To achieve this, we connect the pelvis and chest with two curved lines. Draw the contour of the neck in the form of a long thin cylinder. We also depict arms and legs in the form of cylinders.

How to draw an anime

Step 3

It is a very simple and very important step in which we add the basic details to the Spike Spiegel drawing. We start from the top and will move down. Using the intersecting lines from the previous step, sketch out the eyes, nose and mouth. After that sketch the hair of Spike Spiegel, the ear and face. With the help of very light lines, we sketch out clothes. Outline the contours of the open collar and sleeves.

How to draw Spike Spiegel step by step

Step 4

Now it becomes noticeable that we are drawing in anime style. We will draw the mouth, nose and ears in a very simplified version. These features look like short lines with a slight bend. Eyes should be more carefully drawn. They are quite large and expressive. Pay attention to the position of the pupils. This is a very important detail that is able to convey the mood of Spike Spiegel.

How to draw anime

Step 5

In this step, we draw the details of the clothing which is located on the body. We draw a tie and jacket with an unusual round collar. Do not forget about small details, such as horizontal fasteners, folds on the fabric and muscle lines of the neck. Our sketch gradually becomes more and more like a Spike Spiegel drawing.

How to draw Spike Spiegel

Step 6

It would be the hardest part in other drawing tutorials. Indeed, drawing palms and fingers is not an easy task. But in our case, the hands are in the pockets so we just draw the contours of the sleeves of the jacket and the folds on the fabric

Learn how to draw Spike Spiegel from anime

Step 7

In this step we will draw out Spike Spiegel’s pants. To make it, we delineate the contours of the pants by confident hand movements, taking into account all the folds of the fabric. Depict the contours of the shoes and details on them. After that you can erase all the remaining guidelines.

Spike Spiegel drawing tutorial

Step 8

So, the Spike Spiegel drawing is almost finished, and we only need to work with shadows. As in other anime drawing guide, the first we determine the source of light. Further, taking this into account, draw hatching of different intensity in areas with the least illumination. In our case, these are sections of tissue under the collar, on the medial parts of the arms and on the abdomen.

How to draw Spike Spiegel

Another anime drawing instruction is complete, and now we hope that you now know how to draw Spike Spiegel. We hope you enjoy anime. Because anime is really cool. We also hope that our lesson was helpful. In the future, we are going to make as many cool and interesting drawing guides as possible that could help you to sort out this topic in as much detail as possible and bring your anime drawing skills to a new level. Do not forget to share this lesson in your social networks if you like it.


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