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How to draw Hammerhead from Marvel

How to draw Hammerhead from Marvel

Hello! Today we will tell you how to draw Hammerhead from Marvel Comics.


Step 1

First, draw a stickman. As you can see, it has some particular qualities.

How to draw Hammerhead from Marvel


Step 2

Sketch out two lines crossing in the center of the face. We usually call them “facelines”. Next, outline the neck and body, which little narrows at the waist. After that, sketch out the arms and legs.

These parts of the body look like simple geometric shapes. Shoulders, elbows and knees are drawn in the shape of circles. Next sketch out the arms and legs in the form of cylinders. Sketch out the hands and feet as in our example.

Hammerhead from Marvel drawing lesson


Step 3

Draw a little angry eyes and eyebrows above the eyes. After that draw short, flattened nose and mouth with compressed teeth. At the end of the step and add some wrinkles.

How to draw Hammerhead


Step 4

And we continue drawing tutorial in which we tell you how to draw Hammerhead from Marvel. Now we have a very simple step. Here we need to draw only the contours of the hair and ears.

How to draw Hammerhead from Marvel step by step


Step 5

We can see several layers of clothing on Hammerhead – the jacket, beneath it – a waistcoat, then – shirt. We need to draw all the clothes in the route from outside to inside, i.e. first draw the jacket, and then – a waistcoat and shirt.

About details – draw the tie and buttons, also add some folds in the areas of compression of fabric.

How to draw Hammerhead from Spider-Man


Step 6

In this step we will draw fists. As you can see, Hammerhead’s fists should be fairly large. If you read our tutorial in which we told how to draw hands and palms, it will be easier for you to work on this step.

How to sketch Hammerhead from Marvel


Step 7

Draw pants and shoes in detail. Be sure to mark a pair of folds in the groin area, on the knees and next to the shoes.

Hammerhead from Marvel drawing tutorial


Step 8

Let’s give Hammerhead a complete look. To make this we should work with shadows. In this case shadows should be drawn either by hatching, as we did in the lesson about Warpath.

How to draw Hammerhead from Marvel

We hope that you enjoyed this drawing tutorial. You can also see other heroes and villains from the Marvel universe on this website. Do not forget to look to us because we do drawing lessons every day. See you soon!

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