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How to Draw a Simple Christmas Tree

how to draw a christmas tree

Hello! Yesterday we looked at the calendar and saw that Christmas is very soon. And you already feel the approaching holiday? Really no? So we will try to help you.


Step 1

Ok, the first thing we do is the drawing ordinary triangle. There is no something difficult in this step, just make sure that you position the triangle on the right location of the paper sheet.

how to draw a simple christmas tree


Step 2

I’m sure you can’t imagine a Christmas tree without the Christmas gifts and without the Christmas star. Just as I am. Let’s draw these two things.

how do you draw a christmas tree


Step 3

In this step we will decorate our Christmas tree. We prefer Christmas balls, ribbon and decorative candy. By the way you can choose another decoration.

how to draw a christmas tree for kids


Step 4

Let’s make  lines from the previous step darker. First, we work with Christmas balls and ribbons. Don’t forget to erase the extra lines – star and tapes should not look transparent.

how to draw a christmas tree step by step


Step 5

This is the final step. So all you need is detalisation of boxes with gifts to make a pecture like this:

how to draw a christmas tree



  1. I am trying a little bit. Appreciate how you draw, maybe someone can’t draw any thing.

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