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How to Draw a Motorcycle Step by Step

how to draw a motorcycle

Hello dear artists. On our site there is a huge number of drawing lessons about cars. We have already drawn such famous brands as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti. And in today’s drawing lesson we decided to switch to another type of vehicles and present you a lesson on how to draw a motorcycle.


Step 1

So, let’s start with the main outlines of the carcass. Take a pencil and using very light, barely noticeable lines sketch out the angular body of our sports motorcycle.

how to draw a motorcycle

Step 2

Sketch out the handlebar, the lower part of the body and the wheels. In this step we also use very light lines, so that later it would be easier for us to erase them.

how to draw a motorcycle step by step

Step 3

Starting with this step we will draw the details of the motorcycle, so use clear and dark lines. Carefully draw the handlebar, front panel and fork.

motorcycle sketch

Step 4

Continuing to use dark and clear lines draw out the seat and side panels on the body of the motorcycle. Please note that the details in this area are different on different motorcycle models.

how to sketch a motorcycle

Step 5

We get down a little lower and draw details on the lower part of the motorcycle body. Draw out the engine slider, exhaust pipe and side panels as in our example.

learn to draw a motorcycle step by step

Step 6

Here we need to be very careful, since we need to draw the wheels, and they should be as round as possible. Also draw rims, front fender and brake discs.

motorcycle drawing

Step 7

And we on the last step of the lesson about how to draw a motorcycle. Using classic hatching add shadows to the least lit areas of our motorcycle drawing.

how to draw a motorcycle

It is just the first drawing tutorial of the series of drawing lessons about motorcycles. In the following lessons we will draw a lot of different motorcycles. Write what drawing lessons you want to see on our website and share our lessons with your friends.


    1. I’ve found it very hard to find lessons on how to draw peterbilt 379 big truck… Would love to see that on here…

  1. It’s good , but some critical to draw , if you teach with grid ,it’s better for begginer

  2. I need a drawing for a Harley motorcycle. Enjoyed drawing the motorcycle.

  3. Hi
    It would be pretty cool to draw BMW or a Harley Davidson. They’re both really cool bikes.
    Seeya bye

  4. This is a great tutorial! I’m a beginner motorcycle artist and this has helped me a lot.

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