How to Draw a Tesla Model S

how to draw a tesla model s

Hello, dear artists and welcome to the drawing lesson on how to draw a Tesla Model S – probably the most advanced car of our time. This car is very different from such stylish cars as Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Ferrari – this is the world’s first full-fledged electric car.


Step 1

At the first step in drawing lessons about cars we always outline the basic contours of our future vehicle. Apply very soft and smooth lines in this step.

how to draw a tesla model s

Step 2

This is also a very standard step of all our drawing lessons about cars – we sketch out wheel arches with the help of curved lines and the wheels themselves with the help of ovals.

how to draw a tesla model s

Step 3

So, it’s time to add details, and as always we will start doing this from the front of the car. At first draw out the headlights and hood.

tesla model s how to draw

Step 4

Draw out an oval radiator grille with a logo of tesla inside. A little lower we draw out additional radiator grilles. But it is worth noting that this is just fake radiator grilles.

how to draw a tesla car

Step 5

We go a little higher and draw out the roof using smooth curved line. Next draw out the windows and side mirrors.

tesla model s drawing lesson

Step 6

Continue the roof line and draw the trunk. Go a little lower and draw out the doors of our Tesla Model C and the bottom edge of the car. At the end of the step draw the unusual door handles.

learn to draw a tesla model s

Step 7

Very carefully draw out the wheel arches and the wheels inside the arches. Note that the lines should be as smooth as possible.

learn how to draw a tesla model s

Step 8

A very simple step in which we draw out the wheel rims (which can be any shape) and add shadows using light hatching.

how to draw a tesla model s


Here is our drawing lesson on how to draw Tesla Model S came to an end. Do not forget to visit our “cars” category where you will find a lot of interesting drawing lessons. Share this and other lessons and subscribe to us in social networks.


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