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How to Draw The Comedian

how to draw The Comedian

Hello! Today we will draw a very special character. As you can see, we are talking about the Comedian from Watchmen.


Step 1

In this step we will draw a stickman. It is a quite easy but very important thing. First draw an oval as guide for the head. Then using lines sketch out spine, hands and legs.

how to draw The Comedian

Step 2

Focusing on the lines from the previous steps stickman, we outline the corpus, arms and legs. First by using ovals draw the arm, then using the cylinders we sketch the hands.

Next, draw the silhouette of the corpus, it narrows slightly downwards. By the way, legs also consists of a cylinders. Do not forget to draw the contours of the machine gun in one hand and the bottles in the other hand.

how to draw The Comedian from watchmen


Step 3

Let’s draw the details and accessories that are located in the area of the body. And here we outline the contours of the hair and cigar.

how to sketch out The Comedian


Step 4

In this step, we will draw the details of the lower part of the trunk and legs. By the way armor on legs very conveniently divides the hip, knee and shin.

how to draw The Comedian


Step 5

It is drawing tutorial in which we told you how to draw the Comedian from Watchmen. And we are waiting for the next level of detalisation. Just as in the previous steps, we will move from head to foot.

how to draw The Comedian from dc comics


Step 6

This step is not particularly difficult, but it is full of details. Here we will draw palms, as well as details of the machine gun.

how to draw The Comedian step by step


Step 7

The most difficult moment of the whole stage is unconditionally drawing a belt. Do not forget to draw a small bag that is located on the thigh.

The Comedian drawing tutorial

Step 8

So we have the completion of the drawing lesson of the Comedian. Now we will draw very light shadows. You should avoid the black and large parts of the shadow.

how to draw The Comedian

It was quite a difficult job. Very big thanks to everyone who drew this with us. Don’t forget to visit our site from time to time. Good luck!

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