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How to Draw a Sister of Battle

Sister of battle drawing

There are a huge number of very different races in Warhammer 40 000 Universe. And today we will draw the warrior from one of powerful and formidable races. As you can see, today we have a drawing tutorial in which we will show you how to draw a Sister of Battle from Warhammer 40 000.


Step 1

First, we will draw a stickman (in this case we have stickwoman). We draw the contours from the head in form of the most ordinary oval. After that we draw a line of the vertebral column. Over this line we sketch out the thorax and pelvis. With the help of ordinary sticks we outline the arms and legs. All these lines should be drawn with very light lines.

How to draw a sister of battle


Step 2

Now let’s add some flesh to the stickman. We draw the contours of the neck in the form of short cylinder, then the body, taking into account all the curves of the torso, as you can see in our picture. After that, we outline the arms and legs using the same simple geometric shapes. By the way, do not forget to outline two crossing lines on face, that will help us to draw the facial features.

How to draw warhammer


Step 3

So we have a charater that dressed in armor from collar to the boots, and we will draw this armor in this step. Starting from the head, we will outline a hairstyle and armor collar. Then go to the corpus, outlining armor with ordinary light lines. In the hands we sketch out the gun as you can see in our picture.

How to draw a character from warhammer


Step 4

So we will will use darker lines starting from this step. First, with the help of such lines, we need to carefully draw the outlines of the face. Our mighty warrior has a very pretty face. Further, we also draw the outlines of the face and with the help of long and curved lines draw the hairstyle. Remove all unnecessary guidelines from the head and move to the next step.

How to draw a warhammer character


Step 5

In this step we will draw armor that protect the body. First we draw smooth contours of the female breast. After that we draw a smooth margin line on the armor on the shoulders. Don’t forget about long longitudinal line through the whole body and about the belt.

How to draw a warrior


Step 6

Now we draw the details of the arms. We do not have to draw the articulations and hand muscles because armor covers these parts of the body.  But we will draw the contours of massive shoulder pads, spikes, and armor on the forearms. And, of course, we have to draw fists and Sister of Battle’s gun.

How to draw a woman warrior


Step 7

Now let’s move on to the lower part of the body. Carefully draw  fabric that covers the belt and medial parts of the legs. Next draw out the legs that fully protected by armor. Like in the same step, we also need to delete all unnecessary guidelines from the drawing.

How to draw a sister of battle


Step 8

So in this last step we wiil draw shadows. The darkest regions will be shaded with the help of clear and dark parts of shadows, and the lighter shadows will be drawn with the help of dense hatching.

How to draw a sister of battle

If this tutorial on how to draw a Sister of Battle was interesting and informative for you, visit other our drawing tutorials about Warhammer 40000, and you can learn to draw all the other races from this great universe.

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