How to Draw an Imperial Guard

How to draw an Imperial Guard

At this moment we are starting a new topic for us. We are trying to draw the characters from Warhammer 40 000. And our first lesson will be about how to draw an Imperial Guard.


Step 1

You probably know that the imperial guards are ordinary people. They are very trained and physically developed people, but they are not aliens, not Astartes and not demons.

How to draw an Imperial Guard


Step 2

Draw two small crossing lines inside the contour of the face. Next we draw the shoulders in the form of circles and arms in the form of cylinders. Similarly draw the legs in the form of cylinders.

How to draw an Imperial Guard


Step 3

We have a very important step because now we will draw all basic details from the head to the boots. In the head area we draw the contours of the helmet and facial features. After that we can move to the body, drawing the contours of the armor, as you can see in our picture. Don’t forget that  lines in first three steps should be very light. This is necessary for you to have the opportunity to fix them.

How to draw an Imperial Guard


Step 4

So we start the detailing, and we will use only darker lines to make the final picture. In this step we erase the extra guidelines from the helmet. Also we and draw the final details of the helmet contour, also, draw the strap on the mandible. Then draw frown eye.

How to draw warhammer 40000


Step 5

We continue the lesson on how to draw Imperial Guard. Draw the outline of our character’s hands. You do not need to draw the muscles and joints of the hands because our character have a warm military jacket. But we will draw the palms that hold a standard laser gun. If it’s a really hard problem for you don’t forget to read this post about how to draw palms and fists.

How to draw an Imperial Guard from warhammer 40000


Step 6

In this step we will work with lower part of the body of our Imperial Guard. So we draw  military jacket’s part which is located at the belt. Don’t forget to draw folds on the knees and groin area.  Next, draw out the outlines of high boots. Add the necessary folds and delete all the remaining unnecessary guidelines.

Imperial Guard drawing tutorial


Step 7

In this last step we will draw shadows. But before it we need to understand of where the light comes from. In our example, the light falls from the upper right area. Next, using hatching of different density add shadows in the least lit areas of the corpus. Also, you can make the shadows more contrast by adding another solid of hatching.

How to draw an Imperial Guard

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