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How to Draw a Samsung Galaxy Note8

How to draw a Samsung galaxy note8

Today we will be drawing a very famous high-tech smartphone from the Samsung. As you can see we are talking about the model Galaxy Note8.


Step 1

First, draw an ordinary parallelogram with rounded corners. Next to him draw a contour of the stylus.

How to draw a Samsung smartphone


Step 2

In this step, we’ll work on the stylus. Draw the upper and lower ends of the stylus. After that, erase the extra lines from the corners of the smartphone to make it look more complete.

How to draw a smartphone


Step 3

We continue the drawing tutorial in which we tell you how to draw Samsung Galaxy Note8. And now we need to draw the most noticeable detail – the screen. All modern smartphones have a huge screen and this makes them very similar to each other.  Note that the screen covers the top, bottom and one lateral side of Samsung Galaxy Note8.

how to draw a Samsung galaxy note8 step by step


Step 4

As you can see there is no buttons on the smartphone’s lateral side. So we only draw the speaker above the screen. Also we draw sensors and camera.

Samsung galaxy note8 drawing tutorial


Step 5

Now let’s give some realism to our smartphone. With the help of a pair of smooth and light lines draw glare on the screen. After that add shadows with light hatching.

How to draw a Samsung galaxy note8

We hope this was not a very difficult drawing lesson. We’ll see you tomorrow!

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