How to Draw a Punching Bag

How to draw a punching bag

We love sports, and especially boxing. In this article our wants to connect the subjects of sports and drawing and created an article on how to draw a punching bag.


Step 1

To begin with, we will need to sketch out the main outline of the bag with very light lines.

How to draw a punching bag

Step 2

Now, with the help of curved lines draw the top and bottom. In the upper part sketch out the chains.

Learn to draw a punching bag for boxing

Step 3

Using a clear and dark lines draw out the punching bag, making it beautiful, clear and finished.

Punching bag drawing

Step 4

Now take the pencil most convenient and put shadow on the surface of the punching bag.

How to draw a punching bag

This lesson is unlikely helped you learn to throw left of righ hooks, but we hope that this helped you to learn how to draw a punching bag. Note that the punching bag drawing is very similar to the cylinder. So the shadows need to be added as if we were adding shadows a simple cylinder.

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