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How to Draw a Princess

How to draw a princess

Let’s try to draw a girl in a realistic style. We have already painted a lot of girls who are dressed in casual style or in home clothes. Therefore, today we decided to diversify our articles with a lesson about how to draw a princess.This girl is a real princess or a girl who is dressed like a princess.


Step 1

Let’s look at the figure of a person whom we will draw. We have a tall, thin girl who stands with her arm at the side.

Now draw stickman. Pay attention to the wide pelvis and narrow shoulders. The growth of our character is equal to the sum of the lengths of eight heads.

How to draw a princess step by step


Step 2

There are many different princesses, aren’t there? We will draw a typical stereotypical princess. Therefore, we need to draw a graceful graceful body that connects to the head with a thin neck.

Do not make the breast too large and bulky. This will make the princess figure less elegant. The transition between narrow shoulders and a wide pelvis should be very smooth.

How to draw a princess


Step 3

Draw the limbs. Limbs in our case consist of cylinders and circles. All cylinders except the shins must have a smooth narrowing downwards. One of the features of the female figure is a combination of wide hips and thin elegant arms.

Another important detail is the narrow shoulders. Pay attention to the ball that denotes the shoulder joint. It is very tightly overlapped by the contour of the chest. On the right it is completely blocked and on the left it overlaps by half.

How easy to draw a princess


Step 4

So we continue the lesson on how to draw a princess.

Draw the contours of hair and crown. The crown looks like an isosceles triangle which is located on the parietal region of the head. Hair is a smooth wavy lines that are located laterally relative to the contour of the head.

In the same step we will depict the main features of the face. Focus on the face lines from the previous step.

How to sketch a princess


Step 5

In this step, we will draw approximate contours of additional details. When you draw the hands of our princess, note that the left palm looks like a sharp angle because of the opposite thumb. On the right palm, the thumb is in the same plane with the others. But this finger is different from other fingers in length and width.

In the same step, we draw the outline of the dress. Pay attention to the wide contour of the bottom of the dress. Use the leg lines from the previous steps as a guide.

How to draw a princess step by step


Step 6

Let’s now deal with the final details. Using clear and dark lines, we will gradually draw the outlines of the details of the face. Next, draw the long wavy hair and outlines of the crown. Remove all unnecessary guidelines from the face and proceed to the next step.

How to draw a princess step by step easy


Step 7

Now we will rise a little higher and start drawing the arms of our princess. Continuing the lines of the torso, we carefully draw the outlines of the arms, as shown in our example. Next, carefully draw the hands and fingers, remove unnecessary guidelines from the arms and draw the details of clothing.

Easy princess drawing


Step 8

It will be the easiest step from the whole lesson. Here we need to erase all the lines inside the contour of the attire. Instead of the contours of the legs, we only need to draw a few folds on the fabric that looks like straight lines.

Princess drawing


Step 9

In order for our princess drawing to look more lively and completed, we must draw the shades. First, with pretty light lines, we outline the location of the shadows. After that we shade the outlined areas with the help of dense and uniform shading. You can add another layer of hatching to make individual areas even darker.

How to draw a princess

We have completed this princess drawing lesson. This is not much more difficult than other lessons drawing female characters from our site. You may have noticed that we draw girls from comics and realistic girls in approximately the same pattern. If you could depict a few girls from our lessons, you can build and draw almost any female character.


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