How to Draw a Pepper Mill

How to draw a pepper mill

In one of the previous drawing lessons, the team of showed how to draw the salt shaker. Today, in the continuation of the subject of spices, we will show how to draw a pepper mill. There are different types of pepper mills in the world, but today we will show how to draw a classic mechanical pepper mill.


Step 1

First of all, we outline the body of the pepper mill in the form of a large cylinder. In the upper part sketch one more cylinder, but much smaller.

How to draw a pepper mill

Step 2

Now let’s draw out the outlines of the pepper mill as shown in the example below. Try to repeat these simple outlines.

How to draw a pepper mill step by step

Step 3

Let’s make our pepper mill more realistic. Here we draw out the horizontal and slightly curved lines.

Learn how to draw a pepper mill

Step 4

Take the eraser and remove all unnecessary guidelines from the pepper mill. Draw out the kitchen tool with the help of dark lines.

How to draw a pepper grinder

Step 5

The lesson about the pepper mill is almost complete, and in order to make this subject more voluminous we will add some shadows using hatching.

Pepper mill drawing

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