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How to Draw a Giraffe

How to draw a giraffe

Giraffe is a very unusual and at the same time very beautiful animal. Its unusually long neck and beautiful pattern are probably familiar to all the inhabitants of the Earth. And in the lesson on how to draw a giraffe we’ll show you how to draw this gorgeous animal.


Step 1

Using a small circle draw the head of a giraffe. Then two ovals – the chest and pelvis of the animal. Connect these three geometric figures with a line of the neck and spine. Sketch out the long legs and go to step number two.

How to draw a giraffe

Step 2

Sketch out a muzzle and the long neck that thickens closer to the chest. Connect the ovals of the chest and pelvis and form the torso. Draw long legs, taking into account the joints and hooves.

How to sketch a giraffe

Step 3

Now with the help of contour lines draw out the outlines of the body of our giraffe. Draw such details as horns, eye and a long mane of our beautiful animal. Now compare your drawing with our example, if everything is done correctly, then go to step number four.

Learn to draw a giraffe

Step 4

Now it’s time for the eraser – take it and remove all the unnecessary guidelines drawn in the first steps. Carefully draw out all the details of the giraffe as in our example. Now our drawing is more like a giraffe, it only remains to add the most distinctive details of this animal.

How to draw a giraffe step by step

Step 5

Now, perhaps the most painstaking step of this tutorial – here we need to draw spots on the giraffe’s skin. Large spots on the neck and torso, and small spots on the legs. Patterns must be angular and sufficiently different in shape.

giraffe drawing

Step 6

By light hatching darken the spots. Then also using hatching draw shadows in order to make our giraffe drawing more voluminous. In order to create really beautiful shadows, at first by very light lines sketch the outlines of the shadows and then by hatching paint the shadows.

How to draw a giraffe

The lesson on how to draw a giraffe (as well as the rest of our drawing lessons) was divided into several easy and understandable steps, in order to make the drawing process the most intuitive and easy. By the way, remember that using this drawing lesson you will be able to draw not only a giraffe, but a large number of other animals, since the drawing drawing ungulate animals is approximately the same. So as you could guess, drawing a giraffe is not much different from drawing a horse (except that the neck of a giraffe is significantly longer).

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