How to Draw a McLaren 720s

How to draw a McLaren 720s

There’s nothing better than a cool sports car, such as the McLaren 720s, which we’ll be drawing in today’s drawing lesson. This lesson will be quite complex and realistic, and in order to simplify the drawing process, we divided the lesson into a number of steps, each of which will be very simple individually.


Step 1

The lesson about how to draw a McLaren 720s will begin with the same, with what all our other drawing lessons about cars begin. First of all, we will sketch out the main outlines of the body. The body of McLaren 720s is very long and consists of smooth and long lines. Do not forget that the lines in the first steps should be drawn using very light lines.

How to draw a McLaren 720s

Step 2

Now let’s add the most basic details to make our drawing more like a car. In the front of our McLaren 720s we will sketch out the big headlights and outlines the bumper. On the side part we sketch the outlines of mirrors, large wheels and wheel arches.

How to draw a sports car

Step 3

With the help of long and smooth lines draw out the outlines of the hood and radiator grille. Next, sketch the outlines of the front and side windows. On the side of the body we draw the outlines of the door and the longitudinal decorative lines. On the wheels sketch out the rounded outlines of the rims.

How to draw a McLaren

Step 4

So, now it’s time to start using clear and dark lines. With the help of such lines, carefully draw out the outlines of large headlights and a bumper. Next, draw the contours of the front of our car with clear and smooth lines. Be sure to delete all unnecessary lines from the front, which we drew in the previous steps.

How to sketch a McLaren 720s

Step 5

Let’s now move on to the top of our McLaren. Here we will need to draw the outlines of the flat roof using long and smooth lines. Next, draw out the outlines of windows and rear-view mirrors. Delete the unnecessary guidelines and move to step number six.

How to draw a McLaren step by step

Step 6

This step will probably be the easiest in this drawing lesson. Continuing the smooth lines of the roof neatly draw the back of the car. Next draw the lines of the door and long and smooth decorative lines on the side surface of the body. Do not forget to remove all unnecessary lines from the car body.

How to draw a McLaren 720s

Step 7

This step, unlike the previous one, will be pretty difficult, since here we are going to draw rims. In the third step, we drew small circles in the very center of the rims. Being guided by these circles draw the spokes, which should diverge from the center to the edges. But do not forget that you can draw rims like in our example or come up with your own design.

McLaren 720s drawing tutorial

Step 8

The last step will be traditionally devoted to the process of drawing shadows. First of all, we draw some glare with the help of long and smooth lines. Then, using hatching of different intensity, we will draw shadows in the least illuminated areas of our cool sports car.

How to draw a McLaren 720s

So, the lesson about how to draw McLaren 720s came to an end. What other cars would you like to see on the pages of our website? Write to us about it in the comments to this article or on our social networks.


  1. Hey Stephan, i was hoping if there would be a McLaren Speedtail your team had made, didnt find one tho yet, pls let me know if you did!

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