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How to Draw an Audi R8

How to Draw an Audi R8

Hello everybody and welcome to new drawing tutorial on how to draw an Audi R8 step by step! Audi R8 is a mid-engined all-wheel drive sports car produced by the German automaker Audi since 2007. This car you could see in a huge number of films, for example in the famous movie about the Iron Man.


Step 1

If you’ve seen our other drawing lessons relating to cars you’ve already noticed that the first steps in all these lessons are very similar to each other. The first thing to do is draw a general outline of the car as in our example.

How to Draw an Audi R8

Step 2

In the front of our Audi start adding some common details. With the help of straight lines we sketch out the angular headlights and characteristic radiator grille.

how to draw an audi sportcar

Step 3

Sketch out the lines of the windows, mirrors, doors and spoiler. Next, draw arches in the form of semi-ovals and the wheels themselves in the form of ovals.

how to draw a sport car

Step 4

In the previous steps we used very light lines, starting from this step we will start using clean and accurate lines. Draw the hood and using only straight lines draw the headlights.

learn how to draw an audi step by step

Step 5

Draw out the grille. There are three of them – one in the center and two under the headlights. Draw the license plate and the lower edge of the bumper.

audi  drawing tutorial

Step 6

We continue tutorial on how to draw an Audi R8. Carefully draw the roof of our Audi. Next, draw the lines of windows and mirrors.

learn to draw an audi

Step 7

We get down just below and draw out the door and details on the door as in our drawing lesson. Just draw the rear of the car and the visible part of the spoiler.

audi drawing

Step 8

Here we draw the wheels and arcs. Try to make the wheels as smooth as possible, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Draw the wheel rims (that can be of any size and shape) and our Audi R8 is ready!

How to Draw an Audi R8

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  1. It was nit as easy. Please make eariser steps and don’t add as much each step. Have a good day

  2. It was so much fun and it really helps me to and I love the picture and it looks so awesome and it makes me very happy when I sown it

  3. I love the picture you taught
    me draw it looked great thanks!!!

  4. I drew a Toyota, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and an Audi R8. Guess this is gonna help with my car comic.

    1. I did a comic once too it was about a man on vacation with his pet

  5. who ever wants to draw this there hairline goes all the way back to the stone age

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