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How to Draw a Godzilla

How to draw Godzilla

Hello, dear artists. In one of the past drawing lessons we showed you how to draw a Gamera – a huge tortoise monster from Japanese films. Today we will show you another monster of similar films. So, let’s begin the lesson on how to draw Godzilla.


Step 1

First of all we draw a head with an open mouth. Next, outline the torso in the form of a large oval. At the end of the step sketch out the arms, legs and tail. This is the first step, and all the lines from this and the second step will be erased in the future.

How to draw Godzilla

Step 2

Now add some volume to the body of our Godzilla. First of all sketch out the eyes and draw the outlines of the head. Next, draw out the thick neck, long tail, arms and legs with sharp claws. You should get such a Godzilla mannequin.

How to draw a Godzilla step by step

Step 3

Let’s work with the details. Carefully draw out the outline of the head with evil eyes and sharp teeth. Erase all unnecessary guidelines from the head.

How to sketch a Godzilla

Step 4

Let’s go down a little lower and draw out the torso with large pectoral muscles. Then draw the thick neck with powerful muscles and remove unnecessary lines from the neck and torso.

How to draw a japan monster

Step 5

Now draw out the arms using smooth and slightly curved lines. Pay attention to the fact that the muscles of Godzilla’s arms are very similar to the arms of a human. Then draw a large comb on the back and remove unnecessary lines from the upper body.

How to draw a Godzilla monster

Step 6

Now let’s work with the lower part of the body of our monster. Draw the outlines of the legs, taking into account the muscles and joints under the skin. In the same step we draw the outlines of the long tail and delete the guidelines.

Godzilla drawing

Step 7

Now let’s add some volume to our Godzilla drawing. To do this, we add shadows using the hatching. To do this, we add shadows using the hatching. As we said, we need to first imagine the point where the light comes from, and then, with this in mind, add shadows in areas that are hidden from the light source.

How to draw Godzilla

Today we showed you how to draw Godzilla – a terrible (or funny) monster from old movies. Do you like these monsters and other scary reptiles? If so, visit our category “Myth and Legends”, where you will find a lot of interesting and informative drawing lessons.

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