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How to Draw a Fire Warrior

How to draw a tau Fire Warrior from warhammer 40000

Another race of the universe Warhammer 40 000 appeared on our website. As you can see we are talking about Tau. Tau is the most advanced, progressive and technological race. And today we will show how to draw a Fire Warrior from Tau race.


Step 1

The Tau are humanoid race, although they have hoofed feet and four-digit hands. And in this step we draw the usual male stickman without feet and hands. First of all we need to draw the skeleton of our Tau warrior. Take a pencil and with the help of light and translucent lines draw the head with the help of an oval. Next, outline the neck which goes into the spine. Then sketch out the thorax and pelvis. At the end of this step draw the arms and legs and move on to the next step.

How to draw a Fire Warrior


Step 2

We begin this step from the drawing of facial features. We need to first draw the lines of symmetry of the face. As always – a vertical line as the center of the face and a horizontal line for the eyes. Draw the contours of the body that little tapers to the belt. After that we move to contours of the limbs. First sketch out the deltoids in the form of circles. Then draw the arms with the help with ordinary geometric figures. Next draw the hands. Sketch out the groin and legs using simple geometric shapes.

How to draw a tau Fire Warrior


Step 3

In this drawing tutorial we work with charater that dressed in armor from head to the boots, and this armoк we will draw in this step. Starting from the face, we outline the contours of the helmet. Then go to the body, outlining armor with ordinary light lines. In the hands we sketch out the gun as you can see in our example.

How to draw a Fire Warrior from warhammer 40000


Step 4

It’s time to draw the helmet in details. On the front of the helmet draw a rectangle. On three sides of this rectangle draw a border and inside this rectangle we draw two lights.

How to sketch a Fire Warrior


Step 5

Now let’s move on to the torso of Fire Warrior. Gently draw the neck. Next move lower and draw armor plates that protect thorax area. After that draw elements of armor that protect on the sides of the torso. After that draw the belt with a buckle and bags. At the end of the step remove all unnecessary guidelines from the torso.

Learn how to draw a Fire Warrior step by step


Step 6

Now we draw the details of the arms. We do not have to draw the articulations and hand muscles because armor covers these parts of the body. But we will draw the contours of massive shoulder pads, spikes, and armor on the forearms. And, of course, we have to draw fists and Fire Warrior’s gun.

How to sketch a Fire Warrior


Step 7

We can move on to the lower part of the body. By the same way as in the previous step, we draw the legs that are hoof-shaped. Note thath the lines should not be very smooth. Do not forget to draw the armor on the front of the thigh and folds on the fabric.

Fire Warrior drawing tutorial


Step 8

So this drawing tutorial about how to draw a fire warrior is almost finished, and we only need to add some shadows, making our drawing more realistic. First we determine the light source, then we draw shadows in the least lit areas by hatching of different intensity. More dense hatching for darkest areas, and less intensive for less shaded areas.

How to draw a Fire Warrior

It was pretty hard, but we got a very cool drawing of this Fire Warrior from Tau race. If you like everything, then do not forget to subscribe to us in social networks and share this drawing lesson.

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