How to Draw a Honda Civic

how to draw a Honda civic

Hello dear artists and welcome to the drawing lesson about how to draw a Honda Civic. It is a compact car with a transversely located engine, manufactured by Honda.

Step 1

Using light lines sketch out the body of our cool Honda Civic. Note that the outlines of all cars are about the same. Also note that the lines should not be very clear and even.

how to draw a Honda civic

Step 2

Here we continue to use light lines to sketch the Honda Civic. In the front we mark out the characteristic headlights and the radiator grille. In the lateral part we sketch the wheels and mirrors.

how to draw a honda civic

Step 3

So, dear friends, let’s move on to detailing. Using hard and dark lines draw out  angular headlights and details of the radiator grille. In the center of the radiator grille draw the Honda sign.

how to draw a cool honda civic

Step 4

With single long and slightly curved line draws the hood. Under the radiator grille draw out the bumper with the lower grille, as shown in our example.

learn how to draw a honda civic step by step

Step 5

The top part of all cars is very similar to each other, so that we draw out the roof and the lines of windows of our Honda. Draw the rear-view mirrors and go to step 6.

how to draw a honda civic

Step 6

We continue the lines of windows and form the doors of our Honda Civic. Sketch out the door handles. Draw the rear and move to the next step.

honda civic drawing

Step 7

Quite a difficult step. First of all draw out the wheel arches in the form of semi-ovals. Inside the arches draw oval wheels.

cool honda civic

Step 8

Just one more pretty difficult step and our cool Honda Civic will be ready. Inside the wheel we draw the outlines of the rim in the form of an oval. In the center of the rim draw a small circle and spokes of the rims as in our example.

how to draw a Honda civic

It was a drawing lesson about how to draw a Honda Civic step by step. Click on “share” buttons below this article and share it with your friend or maybe on your site, this will greatly help our site to develop and create new drawing lessons.


  1. Very grateful for your lecture on Civic drawing. Well understood.
    Thank you for the lecture.

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