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How to Draw a Desman

How to draw a desman

Our team recently showed you how to draw a huge number of extremely strange animals, such as anteater and nasua. And in this drawing lesson the team of Drawing For All want to show you how to draw a desman.


Step 1

With a pencil draw two circles – large and small. This will be the head and torso of the desman.

How to draw a desman

Step 2

Now draw a long muzzle and legs using usual ovals.

How to sketch a desman

Step 3

Connect the details of the drawing with smooth lines, sketch out out the eye, fingers and a long tail.

How to draw a desman step by step

Step 4

Delete all unnecessary guidelines and draw out the details on our desman drawing using clear and dark lines.

Desman drawing tutorial

Step 5

Now we need to add some shadows to the surface of the body, in areas where the light does not fall.

How to draw a desman

Desman is this extremely strange and interesting creature, and today we hope that you could learn how to draw it. We also want to hope that you will subscribe to us in social networks and share this lesson about how to draw a desman.

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