How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro

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How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro

Hello dear readers and welcome to the drawing tutorial on how to draw a Chevrolet Camaro! As you know it is a cult American sports car, so called “pony car”, produced by Chevrolet General Motors corporation since 1966.


Step 1

We have already drawn a huge number of cars, and all lessons begin roughly the same way – the first thing we need is sketch out the general outlines of the car.

How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro

Step 2

In the front part of Chevrolet Camaro sketch out the headlights, a long and narrow radiator grille between the headlights and a large radiator grille in the lower part of the bumper.

learn How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro

Step 3

At the top of the car sketch out the window and mirrors. Sketch out the door and the handle on the side of the car. Sketch out the wheel arches and wheels themselves with the help of usual ovals.

Chevrolet Camaro drawing tutorial

Step 4

Start adding details. Draw out the angular headlights with circle lamps inside them. In the same step draw out the radiator grille that located between the headlights.

learn to draw a camaro

Step 5

Continue drawing tutorial on how to draw a Chevrolet Camaro. Draw out the lower radiator grille as in our example. On the sides of the radiator grille draw the fog lights.

How to Draw a Chevrolet

Step 6

Let’s move to the top of the car and accurately draw out the roof that resembles the Ford Mustang roof. Next, draw out the outlines of windows and mirrors.

How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro

Step 7

Draw the door and handle ( as you know Chevrolet Camaro has two doors).Β Draw the rear part of the car and the sill line between the wheels.

How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro

Step 8

Here we finish drawing the body of our Chevrolet Camaro. Draw the wheel arches with the help of semi-ovals and accurately draw out the wheels in the form of ovals. Draw wheel rims and move to the last step of this lesson.

Chevrolet Camaro drawing

Step 9

We have only to add shadows using classic hatching, as we always do in all our lessons of drawing cars.

How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro

So, our another drawing lesson came to an end. We always do our best to make our drawing tutorial the simplest and most understandable, and you can help us in our work – just share this drawing lesson and write your wishes in the comments section.

22 Responses

  1. G.S

    Very goodπŸ‘ but the 1st step is always hard.


    this is qutie hard >:( but the drawing at really cool

    • Stepan Ayvazyan

      Do not despair. Try to draw the required object a few times using our instructions. If you want to dive deeper into the drawing process, then visit the Basic Drawing Tutorials category. There you will find all the necessary basic drawing principles.

  3. nick

    Do a ford f250 diesel, I would like it and a 1999 chevy too.

  4. Kool_money05

    this is hard but I got it 😍😍😍😍 and I broke a little sweatπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  5. a random man

    you just need to trace the picture of the finished car

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