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How to Draw a Cezve

How to draw a cezve

We do not know anything about what time zones our dear readers live in. However, we are sure that in the morning many of you like to drink a cup of strong invigorating coffee. So today we decided to tell you about how to draw a cezve. This is a very useful thing, and you probably have it if you are a coffee lover.

Step 1

First, we should draw the outlines of the bowl. You can choose the shape of the contour of the bowl according to your preference. We decided to choose a bowl shape that has a smooth extension towards the bottom.

How to draw a cezve

Step 2

Now we draw the handle. It is very important that its contours are even and symmetrical. Try to draw it without a ruler. It is an excellent training for the artist.

Cezve drawing tutorial

Step 3

It’s pretty funny, but in the lessons of drawing various objects we follow the same pattern as in the lessons of drawing people. That is, first we draw a general outline and then add details in the top-down direction. And now we will act in the same way. We will start adding parts from top to bottom and draw a border on the very top of the bowl.

How to draw a cezve step by step

Step 4

Now we will work with handle details. Here we draw a thin border, which is located throughout the bottom edge. We also draw a small oval at the end of the handle.

Cezve drawing lesson


Step 5

Add some shadows. Place the pale and light shadows on the edges of the bowl and on the handle. After that, draw more dense and intense shadows on the ground.

Cezve drawing

Probably should take a break in drawing and have a cup of coffee, right? One of the following lessons will be very difficult, so we will not interfere with a little vigor with a strong bitter taste.

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