How to Draw a Bread Basket

How to draw a bread basket

From time immemorial, bread has been the staple food for many nations around the world. And of course, different nations had their own containers for storing bread, in the Western world this was a breadbasket familiar to us all. So today the team of the will show you how to draw a bread basket.


Step 1

So, first of all let’s sketch out a usual oval. Next, outline the shape of an inverted cylinder directly below the oval.

How to draw a bread basket

Step 2

Now, with the help of another oval, we outline the edging in the upper part of the breadbasket. We also sketch the edging at the bottom.

How to draw a bread basket step by step

Step 3

Let’s now draw a texture on the surface of the bread basket with a large number of intersecting lines, as in the example below.

Learn how to draw a bread basket

Step 4

To make our bread basket look more voluminous, we draw the shadows with hatching. If your bread basket looks like this, it means you did everything right

Bread basket drawing

So, the team of today showed you how to draw a bread basket. Try to repeat everything as in our example or draw a bread basket not similar to ours. For example, you can add a handle or cover the basket with a towel. Also in our pages on Pinterest, Google Plus and Facebook shortened versions of our drawing lessons are waiting for you.

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