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How to Draw Bloom from Winx Club

How to Draw Bloom from Winx Club

Hello! In today’s drawing lesson, we will tell you how to draw Bloom from Winx Club – the main character of very popular animated series “Winx Club”. Winx Bloom – is a young girl who one day discovered a magical ability – it happened during a critical moment when the Winx decided to come to the aid of another sorceress – Stella. Stella was attacked by evil monsters, and it happened in this park, where she walked. The brave girl ran for help, and during the battle unexpectedly showed magical power. Actually, it is from this and begins the story of popular Bloom.


Step 1

We begin, as always, with stickman – man made of sticks and circles, which will help us draw denote the position of the character, its proportions and position on the sheet of paper.

How to Draw Bloom from Winx Club


Step 2

Start adding the volume to Bloom. Using thin, elongated cylinder draw the arms. With graceful, curving lines outline the hands. When you will draw the body contours, do not forget that it has to be like an hourglass, which narrows in the middle (waist) and extended upward and downward (chest and pelvis, respectively). Similar proportions (but more realistic) we drew in one of our previous lessons on how to draw a girl. Draw the shapes of legs.

And don’t forget to draw the facial guidelines. First draw a line of vertical symmetry that divide the head into two equal parts. Then draw the horizontal line of the eyes. And don’t forget to draw the short lines of the hair, nose and mouth.

How to Draw Bloom


Step 3

Using the guidelines from the previous step draw the hair. Note, that the hair is drawn very simple, and consist of  large strands. In the same step outline eyebrows, eyes (here especially use guidelines from the previous step), and the decoration on the head in the form of three balls. Do not forget an important detail – the tuft of hair sticking out of in the crown area.

How to Draw Bloom step by step


Step 4

Draw big eyes with almond shape and the pupils (note their location, in order to properly transfer the view). Draw lips and nose. Using confident, crisp lines circle the contours of the face and hair, then erase all unnecessary guidelines from the previous steps.

How to Draw Bloom with a pencil


Step 5

Erase extra lines from the body and draw the short clothing of Bloom, the smooth vertical line of the breast and the upper portion of the skirt. Also, don’t forget to draw the navel and the line on the abdomen and.

How to Draw Winx


Step 6

Outline the gloves. Then erase extra lines from the arms and circle the contour.

How to Draw girls


Step 7

Work on the skirt. Contours of the skirt, as well as clothing on top, must be angular and consist almost entirely of straight lines. Do not forget a pair of horizontal lines on the fabric, as well as a small cutout on the side. Erase the guidelines from the legs and circle the lines of the legs of Bloom.

How to Draw Bloom from Winx Club


That came to an end the drawing lesson on how to draw Bloom from Winx Club. You can draw Bloom in any position, for that you just need to buy the doll Winx and draw her in any pose. Come often on Drawingforall.net for new drawing lessons. Goodbye.

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