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How to Draw a Bayonet

How to draw a bayonet

One of the most popular and favorite sections on our site is a category called “Weapons”, where we show how to draw cold and firearms. Today we will show how to draw a bayonet – a cold weapon adjacent to the barrel of a gun (rifle, carbine, machine gun and etc.), which allows it to be used as a spear during a bayonet battle. In our time, of course, these weapons are not as popular as in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But we are sure that many will want to learn how to draw a bayonet, and the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to do this in the most detailed way.


Step 1

To draw a bayonet, we first need to mark a simple line that will serve as a kind of guideline so that the whole drawing of the weapon is the most even and symmetrical.

How to draw a bayonet

Step 2

Let’s start drawing the details of the bayonet from the back part, that is, from the hilt. First things first draw out a characteristic pommel. Then gently draw the grip that is flat on top and slightly curved on the bottom.

How to draw a bayonet step by step

Step 3

Swords usually have rather complicated guards, while on the bayonet the guards almost always have the simplest and utilitarian look. Draw this guard as shown in the example drawn by the artists of the Drawingforall.net.

Bayonet drawing tutorial

Step 4

And of course the most important and at the same time the simplest part of the bayonet. With the help of two long lines converging on the guideline from the first stage draw the bayonet blade.

How to draw a bayonet step by step easy

Step 5

Now take an eraser and erase all unnecessary auxiliary guidelines from the bayonet drawing. Draw lines on the blade and a round rivet on the grip.

How to draw a weapon bayonet

Step 6

In order for our drawing of the bayonet to look more realistic, we will need to draw shadows and highlights. To do this, use a simple shading, as our artists did in the scheme below.

Bayonet drawing

It was another weapon drawing lesson in which we laid out the process of drawing a bayonet into six very simple steps. Recall that on our website about drawing lessons there is a huge amount of a variety of instructions on how to draw swords, machine guns and other similar items.


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