How to Draw Chibi Deadpool

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How to draw chibi Deadpool

In this simple drawing lesson, we’ll show you how to draw chibi Deadpool – one of the most unusual characters in the Marvel universe. His unusualness lies not only in his eccentric behavior and hard sense of humor, but also in that it is one of the few characters who break the fourth wall, that is he communicates directly with the reader.


Step 1

According to the tradition of drawing lessons about chibi characters, in the first step we draw a rounded head and two intersecting lines on it.

How to draw a chibi Deadpool

Step 2

The second step will also be traditional for lessons about chibi – here we need to outline the torso and limbs of Deadpool.

Laern how to draw a chibi Deadpool step by step

Step 3

Sketch out the eyes, katanas tight in the hands, the belt with bags and the costume lines.

Chibi deadpool figure

Step 4

By clear and dark lines, carefully draw out the outlines of the Deadpool’s head and remove all unnecessary lines.

How to draw chibi Deadpool step by step

Step 5

Now let’s deal with the body of Deadpool. Draw out the lines of the costume on the chest draw details on the hands and katanas.

How to draw chibi Deadpool

Step 6

Draw out the belt and bags on the belt. Then draw the legs and shoes. Do not forget that since we draw a character in chibi style, there should not be too many details on the drawing.

How to draw chibi Deadpool

It was a lesson on how to draw chibi Deadpool. Lessons about chibi are very popular among our readers, and therefore we are going to create a lot of different comic book characters in the chibi style.

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