How to Draw an Eggplant

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Eggplant drawing

Many of our readers love to draw still lifes, which depict various vegetables, fruits and other objects.

We also love still lifes, and therefore we provide you with a number of different lessons about objects that can be drawn as part of a still life. And another our lesson in this topic is about how to draw an eggplant.


Step 1

Almost all our lessons about fruits and vegetables begin with simple circles and ovals. But here we will have to draw a slightly more complex geometric shape, similar to a curved oval narrowed on one side.

How to draw an eggplant easy

Step 2

The “body” of our vegetable is ready, and now we need to make our drawing more similar to an eggplant. To do this, we sketch out the outlines of the stem on the narrower part.

Eggplant drawing tutorial

Step 3

In the previous steps we outlined the contours of the eggplant, and now we will make our drawing more clear. To do this, we draw out the picture with dark lines and delete unnecessary guidelines.

How to draw an eggplant step by step

Step 4

The last step by tradition will devoted on how to draw shadows. So with the help of hatching draw the shadows in the bottom of the vegetable. Next, draw the cast shadow on the surface under the eggplant.

How to draw an eggplant

So today we showed you how to draw an eggplant. This lesson was divided into four very easy steps, which consisted of extremely simple lines, and we think that all our readers will be able to cope with this lesson. This tutorial will be useful not only for those who like to draw still lifes, but also all the other artists who want to be able to draw a variety of subjects.

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