How to Draw a McLaren P1

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How to Draw a McLaren P1

Do you like sports cars and modern technology? We have a drawing lesson for you on how to draw McLaren P1!


Step 1

So, we usually start our drawing lessons about cars with common lines, this drawing lesson of McLaren P1 is no exception. Using very light lines sketch out the outline as in our example.

How to Draw a McLaren P1

Step 2

McLaren P1 has very unusual headlights and the entire front part. Sketch out these unusual headlights and the top of the car, the lines of windows and the side mirrors.

how to draw learn to draw a McLaren

Step 3

Now using semi-ovals sketch out the wheel arches in the shapes of semi-ovals and the wheels themselves in the form of ovals. At the rear draw the curved spoiler.

learn to draw a McLaren P1

Step 4

Here we begin to add the final details, and as always we will start to do this from the front of the car. Draw out the details in the headlights using lines and circles.

how to draw a sport car

Step 5

We continue to draw the front of our McLaren P1. Carefully draw out the bumper lines and place the license plate. As you have already noticed, this car has a huge number of curved lines.

learn to draw a McLaren P1 drawing tutorial

Step 6

Let’s move to the top of our McLaren and start drawing the roof. Draw the lines of the front and side windows. Draw the rear-view mirrors.

learn to draw a McLaren P1

Step 7

Draw the rest of the body of our McLaren. Carefully draw out the wheel arches and the wheels themselves, as in our example.

McLaren P1 drawing

Step 8

Remains a very simple step in which we will need to draw rims. In our example, you can see classic spoke rims, but you can of course draw any other kind of type rims.

How to Draw a McLaren P1

Drawing tutorial on how to draw a McLaren P1 step by step. We already have a huge number of lessons about the fastest cars, such as Lamborghini and Ferrari.

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