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How to Draw Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim drawing tutorial

We made a new drawing tutorial in which we will tell you how to draw Scott Pilgrim. He was not very popular comics character but everything changed after the release of the film Scott Pilgrimm vs the World.


Step 1

It will not be a particularly difficult task. Here we just draw a circle and a rectangle. Then we connect these two simple shapes to get a neck. Please do not make mistakes in proportions – the width of the head should be equal to the width of the body.

How to draw Scott Pilgrim


Step 2

In this step we will add draw arms and legs. They look like long plastic cylinders. In this lesson you will not have to draw difficult muscles and joints, but it is very important to observe the correct thickness of the arms and legs.

How to sketch Scott Pilgrim


Step 3

It’s time to draw draw the hairstyle of our character. As you can see we draw only the contours of hair without details. Also we draw the outline of the ears in this step.

How to draw Scott Pilgrim easy


Step 4

Draw out the circle eyes and black points inside them. The position of the pupils always corresponds to the direction of the sight.    Draw the nose, mouth (these are the usual short lines), and frown brows of our character.

Scott Pilgrim drawing tutorial


Step 5

In this step we will draw Scott Pilgrim’s clothes. We will draw stripes on the collar, sleeves and on the bottom of the T-shirt. If you did everything the same way as in our example, you can go to the next step.

Scott Pilgrim drawing tutorial


Step 6

So we have a final of this drawing tutorial about how to draw Scott Pilgrim. In this step we only draw the shoes and erase all unnecessary lines from previous steps.

How to draw Scott Pilgrim

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