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How to Draw Havok from Marvel

How to draw Havok from Marvel

Hello! Today we will draw Alex Summers. He is also known as Havok from X-men and Emma Frost’s private school.


Step 1

First we will draw a stickman.

how to draw Havok


Step 2

Let’s add some muscles and flesh to the stickman. But first of all we will outline the lines of symmetry of the face.

Next draw the torso, which narrows from the shoulders to the pelvis. After that you should draw out the arms and legs, fists and feet as in our example.

how to draw Havok from Marvel

Step 3

You can draw almost any comic book character using the silhouette of a man from the last step.But now we will draw special signs of Alex Summers. And in this step we will outline the outlines of his mask

How to draw Havok from marvel step by step


Step 4

Let’s make the Havoc’s mask more detailed now. Do not forget to draw face features.

How to draw a Marvel superhero


Step 5

We are finishing the drawing lesson in which we told you how to draw Havok from Marvel. And now we need to detail the contours of the upper part of the trunk and hands.

How to draw a superhero


Step 6

Let’s repeat the action from the previous step with the pelvic area and with the legs.

How to draw Havok from Marvel

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