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How to Draw Cannonball

Cannonball drawing tutorial

Our site is full of a variety of comic book characters, including a lot of famous superheroes and supervillains. But very often we draw less well-known characters, and as you already understood, this drawing lesson will be one of those. So let’s finish with the preface and get down to the lesson on how to draw Cannonball.


Step 1

Here you can see quite a normal human skeleton. So we start with the head of Cannonball, drawing it in the form of the simplest oval. Next, sketch out a straight line of the spine, on which we build the chest and pelvis. After that, we outline straight arms and legs using simple light lines.

How to draw Cannonball

Step 2

In the second step, according to tradition, we will add some volume to Cannonball. But first we outline the lines of facial symmetry that are directed upwards, in the direction of the character’s gaze. Next, we outline the neck, which goes into the torso and legs (here we will not draw the lower legs). Sketch out the arms and move to the next step.

How to sketch Cannonball from comics

Step 3

Let’s now make this mannequin more like Cannonball. First, we outline the details of the face and the contours of the ears and chin. After that, we sketch out the outlines of the muscles and connect the geometric figures, forming the body. At the end of the step we sketch out the outlines of the costume and add a flame around the character.

How to draw Cannonball from marvel

Step 4

So, it is time to draw the details, and we will begin to do it according to tradition from the very top. Using clear and dark lines, we carefully draw the outlines of the face and head, following the example shown below. By the way, do not forget to gradually erase the unnecessary guidelines drawn in the first steps of the lesson.

How to draw a character from comics

Step 5

The head is drawn, and we move below to draw a torso. First of all we draw the neck, which smoothly flows into the torso. Next, we draw the outlines of the pectoral muscles, the abs and the outlines of the torso. In the same step, delete all unnecessary guidelines and draw the lines of the costume.

How to sketch Cannonball

Step 6

We now turn to the hands. Here we need to draw the outlines of deltoids using clear and dark lines, which smoothly flow into the biceps and forearms. Next, draw the hands as shown in our example below. Remove all unnecessary guidelines and proceed to the next step.

Learn how to draw Cannonball from marvel comics

Step 7

Now with the help of clear and curved lines draw the outlines of the flame around our character. Next, just grab an eraser and delete all the unnecessary guidelines from the drawing. If your drawing is similar to ours, then you did everything right, and it’s time to move to the next step.


How to draw Cannonball step by step

Step 8

So now let’s make our drawing more relistic. And for this we just need to draw the shadows with the help of simple hatching. If you want to make the shadows darker, then simply add another layer of hatching to the drawing.

How to draw Cannonball

We hope that now you can draw Cannonball, and that our drawing lesson has helped you. If this is not the case, then let us know in the comments below this article.


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