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How to Draw a Pyramid

How to draw a pyramid

Human civilization has existed for many millennia, and over the years the greatest states have left quite a few magnificent buildings. And probably the most famous are the pyramids, which were built in ancient Egypt. The pyramids were built as tombs for the pharaohs, and served among other things, huge and praising monuments. Until now, there are various myths and rumors about the pyramids. Some say that they are guarded by terrible mummies, while others say that the pyramids are not built by people, but by some aliens. But we are for a scientific approach, and we do not believe in all of this. And we advise you to start this lesson and learn how to draw a pyramid.


Step 1

So let’s outline an irregular triangle that will serve as the front wall for the future pyramid drawing. You can take a ruler, and with the help of it draw these three lines, or try to do it without a ruler. We recommend learning to draw without tools.

Food pyramid drawing

Step 2

Now with the help of a pair of simple lines we outline the lateral surface of the pyramid. Please note that the bottom line should be almost flat. This will create the feeling that we are standing at the foot of the pyramid.

How to draw a pyramid step by step

Step 3

Previously, the pyramids had plaster, which collapsed over the years, and only a small piece remained at the top. In the third stage we need to draw the outlines of this plaster. And at the bottom of the picture you will need to draw a horizon line.

How to draw a pyramid shape

Step 4

The most painstaking stage of the lesson on how to draw a pyramid. Use a large number of straight lines to draw the texture of the stones on the pyramid. On the plaster draw masonry imitation lines.

Pyramid drawing tutorial

Step 5

Let’s now make our pyramid drawing more voluminous. To do this, you will need to draw a hatching, as shown in the example by Drawingforall.net below. Do not forget the cast shadow and texture of the sand.

How to draw a pyramid


Today we tried to show you how to draw a pyramid. Whether we have succeeded or not, only you can tell us. We are waiting for your messages about this and about what new lessons you want us to publish.

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