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How to Draw a Pie

pie drawing

Probably there are no people who do not like pies. You may not like the particular kind of filling or dough. But you can’t argue that pie is one of the most beautiful dishes in the world. That is why we decided to create a drawing tutorial on how to draw a pie step by step.


Step 1

First, we draw a regular circle with a side. You probably know that there are many varieties of pies. Some of them are rectangular. If you originally planned to draw a rectangular cake, you should draw this particular shape in the initial stage.

pie drawing lesson


Step 2

We decided to draw a cake from which a small piece was cut off. Therefore, in this step we will draw the contours of a three-dimensional triangular piece. Now your pie sketch should look like this.

how to draw an apple pie


Step 3

Add some decorations. In our case, the cake has a wavy shape with decorative patterns of dough. Let’s draw it. If you are drawing an open pie you should draw the stuffing on the top.

how to draw a pie easy


Step 4

It’s always nice when there is a lot of filling in the pie, isn’t it? It’s always nice when there is a lot of filling in the cake, isn’t it? That is why we decided to depict a lot of stuffing and a little dough.

how to sketch a pie


Step 5

Before you draw the shadows on our cake, you should identify those places where the light does not fall. For example, light cannot reach the inside of a pie. So we will draw a shadow in this place and the pie drawing is done.

how to draw a pie

You can greatly change the final version of your pie drawing, if you add decorative patterns of dough or come up with other types of fillings. We are sure that cooking is as much a rightful art form as drawing. Therefore, we wish everyone inspiration, tasty dishes and very realistic drawings. See you soon on our website!

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