How to Draw a Nissan GT-R

how to draw a nissan gt-r

You, dear readers, have long asked us to make a drawing lesson about how to draw a Nissan GT-R! If you have already visited our previous drawing lessons, then most likely you already know the basic principles of drawing cars, which we will repeat in this lesson.


Step 1

Thus, we outline the main contours of the body of our Nissan GT-R. As always, we need to apply extremely light and smooth lines in the first two steps.

how to draw a nissan gt-r

Step 2

And as always in the front part we add details such as the headlights and grille. Next, we sketch out the wheels and the spoiler at the rear.

how to draw a Nissan

Step 3

Now you can start using darker and sharper lines. Carefully draw out the headlights and hood.

how to draw a nissan gtr

Step 4

We continue to work on the front of the car. Carefully draw out the complex grille with all the details, as in our example.

how to draw a Nissan gt r

Step 5

Now we pass to the top of our Nissan GT-R drawing the roof, the lines of the windows and the rear-view mirror.

2015 nissan gtr specs

Step 6

We continue to draw Nissan GTR. Draw a spoiler and go to the door, drawing them using straight and dark lines.

gtr drawing

Step 7

A fairly complex step in which we need to draw the wheel arches and the wheels themselves. The step is complicated by the fact that the lines need to be as smooth and sleek as possible.

nissan gtr drawing

Step 8

Also quite a difficult step in which we need to draw the rims. You can draw the rims as in our example or choose your own design.

how to draw a nissan gt-r

It was a drawing lesson about how to draw a Nissan GT-R. Drawing cars is not as difficult as it seems, the main thing is to understand the basic principles. In this lesson we showed you how to draw a car in half a turn, if you want to understand how to draw from the side, then visit the lesson on how to draw a car. Also do not forget to visit us on social networks and share our lessons with your friends.


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