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How to Draw a Gargoyle

How to draw a gargoyle

Today the team of Drawing For All want to show you how to draw a gargoyle. Despite its spooky appearance, in the Gothic architecture a gargoyle is a stone or metal outlet of the gutter.


Step 1

To begin the lesson, we will outline the skeleton of the gargoyle. Draw the head of the gargoyle in the form of an oval. Next draw a chest, spine and pelvis. Using simple lines draw the legs and arms. As you can see we draw the gargoyle in a fairly standard position.

How to draw gargoyle

Step 2

Draw two lines on the head: the eye line and the vertical line of symmetry. With the help of simple geometric figures draw the volume of the arm and legs. With curved lines draw wings.

How to sketch a gargoyle

Step 3

Let’s add a few basic details. On the head draw a huge mouth, evil eyes and sharp ears. Draw the bottom line of the wings. Note that the wings should look like the wings of bats.

How to draw a gargoyle step by step

Stpe 4

Take an eraser and remove the unnecessary lines from the head. With the help of clear and dark lines we draw the facial features in detail and add wrinkles and sharp teeth.

How to draw a gargoyle step by step

Stpe 5

Now let’s move on to the body. Using clear and dark lines draw out the details body of the gargoyle. Add lines of the muscle and remove all unnecessary guidelines.

Gargoyle drawing tutorial

Step 6

This will be a fairly simple step, because we move on to the wings of the gargoyle and carefully draw out long lines of the wings, making them clear and smooth.

Learn to draw a gargoyle

Step 7

Now let’s make our ominous gargoyle even more ominous and voluminous. Using hatching add shadows to the gargoyle drawing as in our example.

How to draw a gargoyle

Despite the fact that the gargoyle is a fantastic being, the principles of drawing its figure remain similar to the principles of drawing a man. If you want to learn how to draw a gargoyle even better, try to draw it from different sides and in different poses.


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