How to Draw a Short Sword

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short sword drawing

Hello everybody and welcome to DrawingForAll! In this drawing tutorial we will show you how to draw a short sword.

 Many people who are familiar with melee weapon know that a short sword is a sword with a length of somewhere 60-70 cm. Such swords often were used medieval knights and ancient warriors.


Step 1

First of all we need to draw a straight line which will help us to draw the sword smooth and straight. Don’t press down too hard on a pencil, it’s just a guideline.

how to draw a short sword

Step 2

Right at the end of the line from the previous step draw the pommel, that can be in shape of a circle of semicircle.

learn to draw a short sword

Step 3

Now draw a grip, that looks like a simple rectangle. Note that the grip can also be convex. One of the main distinguishing features of short swords that their grips are quite short.

how to draw a knight sword

Step 4

In this step we draw the guard, that looks like a vertical rectangle. We draw a simple garden but they could be more complex.

how to draw a sword

Step 5

And the most complicated part of the lesson – the blade of the short sword. Try to make the lines smooth and straight as possible. Recall, that the main distinguishing feature of the short sword is a length of the blade.

how to draw a melee weapon

Step 6

Erase the guidelines and draw a pattern on the grip of the sword. Draw the rain guard and make the line on the center of the sword smoother.

shortsword drawing

Step 7

Add some shadows to the sword using simple hatching. You also can add some glare to the blade using short strokes.

how to draw a short sword

Lesson on how to draw a short sword is done. Don’t forget to share this lesson and subscribe to us in social networks.

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