How to Draw a Lamborghini Easy

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How to draw a Lamborghini easy

The team of artists of has already created a lesson about how to draw Lamborghini, which is very popular among our readers.

 But many of our readers said that this lesson is too complicated, and asked us to create a lesson about how to draw Lamborghini easy. Our team considered everything and tried to make this lesson as simple as possible. We have divided this lesson into eight very simple steps, consisting of elementary lines.


Step 1

To begin with, let’s say that we will show how to draw this supercar on the example of Lamborghini Huracan. So let’s sketch out the outlines of the body (you should get such a wedge-shaped geometric figure).

How to draw a Lamborghini easy

Step 2

At the step number two we start adding the most general details to our cool Lamborghini drawing. Sketch out the angular headlights, windows and wheels of our supercar. Our drawing starts to look like a car.

How to draw a Lamborghini step by step

Step 3

Continue to add details and sketch out the outlines of the grille, mirrors and door of our cool Lamborghini. Draw the outlines of the wheel arches, make the wheels more voluminous and draw the outline of the rims.

How to draw a Lamborghini for beginners

Step 4

Using clear and dark lines draw the outlines of the bumper and hood (or bonnet). Draw the headlights, remove the guidelines from the front of our cool Lamborghini and draw a logo in the center of the hood.

How to draw a basic Lamborghini

Step 5

Continuing the lines of the hood gently draw the flat roof, which smoothly passes into the rear of the Lamborghini. Next, draw the outlines of windows and mirrors.

How to draw a Lamborghini car

Step 6

Continuing the lines of windows draw out the wide door and a handle on the door. Next, draw the lower edge of the Lamborghini and remove all unnecessary guidelines from the drawing.

How to draw a cool Lamborghini

Step 7

Let’s go now to the wheels of our Lamborghini. Draw out the outlines of wheel arches, wheels and rims of our car. Try to make all the lines clearer and smoother.

How to draw a Lamborghini for beginners

Step 8

To draw rims, we first draw their central part. Then draw the spokes of the rims that go from the center to the edges. The rims can be either as in our example or in any other style.

How to draw a Lamborghini for beginners

Of course, there is nothing better than a ride at breakneck speed on the autobahn on this beautiful car, but we believe that drawing Lamborghini is no less a pleasure than driving it. After all, the Lamborghini begins not with driving, and not even with the process of creating a specific car at the factory, but with a drawing of the future masterpiece of the automotive industry on a piece of paper. We hope our new lesson about how to draw Lamborghini easy was useful to all our readers. We also hope that now all our readers, even aspiring artists will be able to draw a Lamborghini. Also recall, that if you want to learn how to draw other vehicles, then visit our category “Cars” on where you will find many tutorials on how to draw cars for beginners.

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