How to Draw a Car for Kids

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how to draw a car for kids


Hello, dear young artists! Today, in our online art school we will show you how to draw a car for kids. In one of our previous drawing lessons, we taught you how to draw a car.

This tutorial much easier, and this car can draw any of you, even if you have no experience in drawing. So, let’s start the tutorial!

Step 1

First, draw an elongated oval. It will be the main part of the car.

how to draw a car for kids

Step 2

At the top of the oval draw the cabin. Using circles draw wheels. Try to draw the wheel as smoothly as possible.

cars of kids

Step 3

Inside the wheels, draw smaller circles. Using semicircles draw wheel arches.

color a car

Step 4

Draw front and back bumpers and sideline as in our example.

tutorials for kids

Step 5

Draw windscreen and door glass.

how to draw a car

Step 6

Draw handle, mirror and headlight.tutorial for kids

Step 7

It’s very easy step. Just erase the guidelines.

art pictures for kids

Step 8

And in the last step of the tutorial about how to draw a car we draw rims.  Note, that there are many types of rims, and you can draw any of them.

how to draw a car for kids

So, it was a drawing lesson about how to draw a car for kids. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Goodbye!

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