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How to Draw Paul Bunyan

how to draw paul bunyan

Good day! Today we will show how to draw Paul Bunyan – a giant lumberjack and a character of Canadian folklore. Paul is a good-natured giant guy who travels to various townships and villages, constantly getting into funny stories. Paul Bunyan travels with his best friend – a bull named Babe, which also has a very good-natured disposition.


Step 1

First outline the figure of Paul Bunyan in general. See how grotesque body looks like an inverted triangle. The head is also very remarkable – it looks like a bean.

learn to draw cartoons

Step 2

Now we do something similar to the silhouette of future drawing using simple geometric shapes.

paul bunyan drawing lesson

Step 3

Draw the eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows of Paul. Notice how highly placed the eyebrows – almost at the very top.

paul bunyan how to draw

Step 4

Draw out the beard, ears and hat of our giant.

learn how to draw paul bunyan

Step 5

Detailing the upper part of the body of Paul Bunyan. Do not forget about the rolled up sleeves, collar and buttons.

paul bunyan step by step drawing

Step 6

Sketch out the crossing lines of the checkered shirt and hairs on the arms.

cartoon drawings

Step 7

Now draw the details at the lower part of the body of Paul such as pants and shoes.

how to draw paul bunyan

Paul Bunyan drawn in cartoon style, in the same style we also drew a lot of characters, such as Boss Baby and Tad Jones.

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