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How to Draw Hank from Blazing Samurai

how to draw hank from blazing samurai

Today we will show you how to draw Hank from Blazing Samurai step by step. As you know, Blazing Samurai – is a cartoon about a young dog named Hank who dreams of becoming a samurai. He is to save the town called Kakamucho from infamous cat-commander Ica Chu who plans to rid the city of the population.


Step 1

We start with the head. Draw a shape similar to a pear. On the center of the “pear” draw a curved line.

how to draw hank from blazing samurai

Step 2

Above the curved line from the previous step sketch out the eyes in the shape of circles. Then sketch out the ears and nose in shape of an oval.

how to draw hank from blazing samurai step by step

Step 3

Sketch out the arms and upper part of the clothing.

how to draw cartoons

Step 4

Sketch out the lower part of the clothing and legs. Also in this step the the katana – a samurai sword.

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Step 5

Draw the pupils inside the eyesm, eyebrows and mouth. Try to convey the glance of our Hank – he’s a little confused but ready for battle.

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Step 6

Draw out the lines of the face and ears. Then draw the haircut (How often you have seen dogs with such a fashionable hairstyle?).

how to draw blazing samurai

Step 7

Draw out the rest body of Hank. Try use clean and crisp lines. Add such details as seams on clothing and pattern on the handle of katana.

how to draw hank from blazing samurai


In our lesson on how to draw Blazing Samurai Hank stands with katana clenched in hands. But you can choose any other pose, of course. And we do not forget to remind you to share our lessons and subscribe to us on social networks!

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