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How to Draw a Face for Kids

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw a face for kids. This will be another simple drawing tutorial for artists who want to be able to paint portraits but need more suitable guides. A simple cartoon style allows you to focus on the basics, such as correctly drawing the oval of the face or applying strokes for drawing the eyes and lips.


Step 1

So we start this guide on how to draw a face for kids. First, draw a rough outline of the head. It looks like a vertically elongated oval with smooth top and bottom edges. Place this oval in the center of a piece of paper if you are drawing a portrait. Don’t try to draw a perfectly straight, symmetrical outline. Use light lines that you can erase later.

Step 2

This will be a rather short but very important step. We will now do a little markup. First, draw two crossing lines. The vertical line divides the face contour in half. Place a horizontal line in the middle of the oval. Use two short vertical lines to mark where the outer and inner corners of the eyes will be.

Then use the same short strokes to mark the location of the nose and lips. Also, add the outline of the neck using two slightly beveled lines.

Step 3

This is a continuation of the guide about how to draw a face for kids. Draw the eyes. The outer shape of the eyes resembles the shape of a leaf. Focus on the construction lines that we drew earlier. The position of the pupils affects the character and direction of your character’s gaze.

The pupil is formed from two circles of different diameters. Note that the pupils of this character are slightly shifted towards the center. This creates the effect that the character is looking directly at you.

Step 4

Now let’s start drawing the eyebrows. You can easily cope with this task if you imagine the eyebrows as two triangles formed by smooth, curved lines. Please note that the height of the eyebrows is almost equal to the size of the palpebral fissure. Avoid detailing the eyebrows to maintain the cartoon style.

Step 5

Let’s start drawing other parts of our character’s face. First, sketch out the nose with one smooth, curved line. You may have noticed that this line starts from the bottom corner of the left eyebrow, then goes down, curves slightly, and forms the outline of the tip of the nose. Then draw the mouth in one continuous arc.

Step 6

Draw the lower part of the face and ears. The final outline of the chin coincides with the bottom edge of the oval from the beginning of the drawing lesson. Add a slight extension to the face at the corners of the lower jaw for a more realistic look. After that sketch out the ears in the form of two small ovals. Use the eyes and nose as key reference points when drawing the ears.

Step 7

Draw the hair. You can come up with the contours of the hairstyle according to your imagination. In our case, the hair looks slightly tousled. We achieved this effect with pointed triangles at the bangs and crown. Avoid over-detailing your character’s hair. This will complicate the drawing and violate the cartoon style concept.

Step 8

Check that all the shapes and proportions of your character’s face are correct. Delete any construction lines that we no longer need. Make the final lines sharper and more contrasting. If you want to complicate the drawing, then add some shadows.

If you drew this cartoon face and you like your result, then it’s time to consolidate the drawing skills. Try repeating all the stages several times, drawing different faces with different features. After that, try drawing a face and applying different lighting. Next, try drawing a face from a different angles. All these actions will help you to learn more comprehensively the process of drawing a face and bring this skill to automatism.

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial, it really helped my godmother’s grandchild on drawing a face for their assignment.

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