How to Draw a Couch

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Couch drawing

Hello dear artists. In a last few days we made a lot of drawing lessons about items of house interior, such as a chair or armchair. In this drawing lesson we decided to continue this topic and present you a lesson on how to draw a couch.


Step 1

So, first of all we sketch out a long and voluminous rectangle as a base of our couch.

how to draw a Couch

Step 2

Above the rectangle from the previous step we sketch out the back of the couch using light lines.

how to draw a sofa

Step 3

On the sides of the sofa we sketch out the arms. Between them sketch out the seat divided into three parts.

couch sketch

Step 4

Circle the outlines of the drawing and remove all unnecessary guidelines from our drawing.

how to draw a Couch

Step 5

Our drawing is almost ready. Now let’s add a bit of volume and realism to our drawing using hatching.

Couch drawing

If this drawing lesson taught you how to draw a couch we will be very happy. We would also be very happy if you share this drawing lesson with your friends and visit us in social networks.

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    Mine is good too,thought pillows go good so added some.

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