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How to Draw Popcorn

Popcorn drawing

The team of Drawingforall.net is very fond of cinema, and also loves to watch movies with a bucket of popcorn. So, in this tutorial, we will show how to draw popcorn.

There are a lot of easy and simple tutorials at Drawingforall.net, and this one will be just one of them. We believe that even the most inexperienced artist will be able to learn how to draw popcorn without any problems.


Step 1

Since it is customary to eat popcorn from a bucket., we will begin to draw popcorn from this very bucket. First, depict the sides of the bucket with two oblique lines. Then create the bottom face with a curved line and the top face with an oval. By the way, to check the proportionality of your popcorn drawing, look at it through the mirror, this will help you see all the inaccuracies.

Popcorn drawing lesson

Step 2

So, let’s now depict the most important thing – popcorn. To do this, depict a large number of curly lines. Start with the outline of popcorn, then create the texture inside the outlines. Do not try to make popcorn grains the same. The more different they look, the better.


How to draw a popcorn easy

Step 3

So, now let’s make our popcorn drawing beautiful and clean. To do this, grab an eraser and clean your artwork of popcorn from excess guidelines that we do not need. Next, you can darken the sketch with a darker pencil or ink, so that the popcorn drawing looks sharper and darker.

How to draw a popcorn step by step

Step 4

So, let’s give our popcorn drawing a little volume and realism. To do this, add some shadows with beautiful hatching, as the artists Drawingforall.net did in the sketch below. First, add a shadow to the bucket itself and the cast shadow from the bucket on the surface. Then, using short strokes, depict the shadows on the popcorn grains themselves, as the artists of Drawingforall.net did.

How to draw a popcorn

We very quickly approached the afterword of the tutorial on how to draw popcorn. The team of Drawingforall.net believes that each of our readers was able to learn how to draw popcorn. Try to depict some inscriptions or images on a bucket to diversify your sketch.

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