How to Draw Chibi Star Lord

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How to draw chibi Star Lord

Recently, the characters from the film Guardians of the Galaxy have gained unprecedented popularity. And in one of the previous drawing lessons we showed you how to draw Rocket Raccoon – one of the central characters in this movie and in comic books of the same name. But our readers asked us to draw a chibi version of this character and chibi version of Star Lord, so we decided to start from the secon one and create a lesson about how to draw chibi Star Lord.


Step 1

Let’s start with the head, drawing it in the form of a large rounded figure. Next, draw two intersecting lines on the head.

How to draw chibi Star Lord

Step 2

Now we outline the shape of a small torso and limbs. Note that the chibi’s body must be very small in comparison with the head.

How to draw chibi marvel

Step 3

Using light lines sketch out the outlines of the hairstyle and the mask on the head. Next draw a coat and a weapon in hands.

How to draw chibi marvel characters

Step 4

Now, using clear and dark lines, carefully draw out the outlines of the mask and all the details of the mask.

How to sketch chibi Star Lord

Step 5

Now move a little higher and draw the outlines of the hair as shown in our example.

How to draw chibi Guardians of the Galaxy

Step 6

And the last step in which we draw out the outlines of the body and all the details on the body with clear and dark lines.

How to draw chibi Star Lord

As you have noticed, the lesson about how to draw chibi Star Lord was very simple, and for some reason we assume that all our readers were able to cope with it, regardless of their level of drawing skills. Perhaps this lesson was too simple, and you would like to learn to draw something more complicated. Well, for you there is a category “Comics” on our site, where there are all the famous characters from the famous comics.

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