How to Draw the Ittan-momen

ittan-momen drawing

Hello dear artists. In one of our previous drawing lessons we showed you how to draw a kumicho – a girl werewolf with nine tails.

¬†And in today’s drawing lesson we will show you the strangest monster from mythology. So, let’s start the lesson about how to draw an Ittan-momen.


Step 1

As you probably already know, the Ittan-momen is a monster, that looks like a strip of fabric. First draw a long and strongly curved line.

How to Draw the Ittan-momen

Step 2

Now let’s draw another line and connect them. If you did everything right, you will get such a long strip of fabric.

How to Draw the Ittan-momen

Step 3

Let’s now make our strip of fabric more like a monster. Add eyes and make the fabric torn and shabby.

ittan-momen drawing

It seems to us that this is the most unusual monster of all. If you think otherwise, write about it in the comments on this article.



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