How to Draw Santa Claus

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how to draw santa claus

Merry Christmas, dear readers! Today we made for you a new drawing lesson. As you can see, we are going to show you how to draw Santa Claus.


Step 1

Let’s draw a stickman. As you can see, we have a short and fat figure. Chest width is almost equal to the width of the pelvis. Only females and chubby men have this figure type.

how to draw santa claus step by step


Step 2

The previous step was very important. So, before you start this step, check the proportions of your stickman. And now with the help of circles and cylinders we build a silhouette of our Santa Claus.

santa drawing for kids


Step 3

No Santa is complete without the beard and hat. So let’s draw the contours of the beard and hat. As you can see, the length of the beard is almost equal to the length of the head.

santa сlaus drawing lessons


Step 4

Ok, we already have a very good result. Let’s continue to draw. In this step we’ll draw the eyes, eyebrows and nose of our Santa Claus. Eyes should be small enough. By the way, don’t forget to draw the bangs which should be located above the eyes.

how to draw santa by pencil


Step 5

So we continue with the drawing lesson in which we tell you about how to draw Santa Claus step by step. This step will be much easier than the previous one. We only need to paint the coat and the belt.

how to draw a santa face


Step 6

Now let’s draw hands. Palms should be sufficiently small in comparison with sleeves. Don’t forget to draw folds on cloth and bag.

how to draw christmas


Step 7

And it is practically final of this drawing tutorial. In this step, we will detail a pants and boots. You can see some of the details that you need to draw. These are the details:

  • The folds on the pants;
  • Buckles on shoes;
  • The soles.

santa claus drawing for kids


Step 8

And the last thing we will do is overlay shadows. They should be located on the bag, sleeves, coat, pants and quite a bit on the beard.

how to draw santa claus for kids


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