How To Draw a Perfume Bottle

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Perfume drawing tutorial — копия

Hello, dear artists and welcome to the new drawing lesson created by Drawing For All. As you can see today we are going to show you how to draw a perfume bottle.


Step 1

Bottles of perfume of course can be of any shape, but today we decided to show you the simplest kind, so that anyone can handle this lesson. Using straight and dark lines draw out two rectangles located one above the other.

How to draw a perfume

Step 2

Now let’s turn these two rectangles into something more like a bottle of perfume. Using a pair of long diagonal strokes sketch out the glare. Next, inside the contours of the bottle with the help of uneven lines add shadows.

How to draw a perfume

Step 3

Now let’s go to the top of our perfume bottle and add some shadows. On the left side we add a glare using a vertical slightly curved line. On the right side draw shadows using hatching.

Perfume drawing tutorial — копия

If you did everything correctly, then your perfume bottle drawing will look like the picture above. Actually it was a very simple lesson. The only difficulty was that we had to add shadows to our drawing. If you easily coped with this lesson, then it’s time to move on to more difficult lessons, such as lessons about a smartphone or a girl.

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